Download: Med-Legal "Superbill"

Download: Med-Legal "Superbill"

Medical-Legal billing for California workers’ comp is like…well, anything in California workers’ comp: a big mess.

It’s convoluted, and physicians get nearly zero help navigating the labyrinth of laws, rules, and regulations that make every billing experience fraught.

To make things a little easier for our Med-Legal DaisyCollect clients, the DaisyBill team is assembling a resource packet that will smooth the billing process for physicians, from intake to appeal and everything in between.

Today, we share one of those helpful resources: a “Superbill” form your office can use to help ensure correct, accurate billing for common Medical-Legal procedure code ML201.

To download the Superbill, just click below!

Download: ML201 Superbill

Use this in conjunction with our Medical-Legal Billing Cheat Sheet, as well as our MLFS Pocket Guide.

Think of the document above as a comprehensive checklist, covering all the bases to help make sure your office’s bill for a Comprehensive Medical-Legal Evaluation is spot-on.

From noting the applicable modifiers, to including correspondence from the parties, to making sure every page of medical record review is properly accounted for, this ML201 Superbill is your roadmap to accurate compensation.

Contact us, if you need help with your medical-legal billing. We want to help.

Disclaimer: the information in this post and the PDF above is strictly for informational purposes. It is not legal advice; use at your own risk and discretion.

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