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Department of Labor: 2021 Electronic Billing Nirvana Continues

Department of Labor: 2021 Electronic Billing Nirvana Continues

Welcome to 2021 and improved workers’ compensation e-billing. Recent data shows that providers continue to benefit from the electronic billing upgrades that the Department of Labor (DOL) released last year.

In 2020, the DOL replaced its designated clearinghouse with a DOL proprietary electronic billing system that allows providers to directly -- and much more efficiently -- transmit workers’ comp bills electronically to the DOL. This direct electronic connection eliminates the need to use a third-party clearinghouse to transmit e-bills to the DOL.

In October 2020, DaisyBill completed required testing with the DOL to be able to transmit providers’ e-bills directly to DOL. From the beginning, the DOL was able to process DaisyBillers’ workers’ comp bills in as little as a single day (For more details: Dept of Labor Billing Utopia: e-Bills Processed in ONE Day).

As an update, since October 2020, DaisyBillers have submitted 5,908 e-bills to the DOL and the average time to payment for these bills was TEN (10) days.

DOL Processes e-Bill the NEXT Day   

In fact, this new DOL system is so good that some electronic bills are processed in as little as one day. Below is an example of an electronic bill that DaisyBill sent to the DOL on January 8, 2021. The DOL processed this electronic bill and issued an electronic EOR on the NEXT day, January 9th.

  • 01/06/2021        Provider treats injured or sick federal workers
  • 01/08/2021        Provider sends DOL bill for treatment
  • 01/08/2021        DOL sends provider acknowledgment accepting provider e-bill
  • 01/09/2021        DOL sends provider electronic EOR recommending bill payment of $174.02

If you are still mailing your DOL bills, consider making a change to e-billing. DaisyBill promises electronic billing is far easier than dealing with mail (especially now).

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