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Disneyland Replaces Bill Review Vendor

Disneyland Replaces Bill Review Vendor

Effective June 21, 2021, Disneyland Resorts switched its bill review vendor from Conduent to Rising Medical Solutions.

The change affects all bills for all dates of service. Details below!

Submitting Workers’ Comp Bills to Disney

Starting June 21, to electronically transmit workers’ comp bills to Disney, the correct WorkCompEDI Payer ID is CB038.  

For non-electronic billing, providers should send bills to:

Rising Medical Solutions
PO Box 3205
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Disney is instructing providers to submit Second Review appeals to Rising Medical/WCEDI — even if the Original Bill was submitted to Conduent/P2P.

DaisyBill software is always updated with the latest bill review and clearinghouse changes. We maintain connections to all California clearinghouses, including WCEDI.

For questions, providers may reach out to Disneyland Resorts at (714) 781-1680, and Rising Medical Solutions at (866) 274-7464.

DaisyBill doesn’t miss a beat. Changes to TPAs, clearinghouses, and bill review services are just one part of what we navigate on providers’ behalf. To make authorization, billing, and appeals easier and faster, contact us today.


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