DWC's MPN List Updated in DaisyBill

DWC's MPN List Updated in DaisyBill

Earlier this year, our product team folded a sortable, searchable list of Medical Provider Networks (MPNs) into our new Work Comp Wizard, alongside five other work comp billing tools. A recent change to the California Division of Workers’ Comp (DWC) list of approved MPNs prompted our team to update our MPN list. Those changes are now live in our software.

If that doesn’t sound like too big a deal, consider this: The MPN list maintained by the DWC is  a 194-page PDF document, listing over 2,300 approved MPN applications. What does that mean? That it’s insanely difficult for California work comp billers to keep track of whether a given MPN is active, or whether it’s been revoked, withdrawn, or even terminated by the DWC.

Some work comp insurers, such as ACE American Insurance, fill page after page of the DWC list with their chosen MPNs for different employers. Insurers and self-insured employers can change their MPNs at any time or get rid of them altogether. Although the DWC list does denote whether an MPN was terminated or withdrawn, the MPN does not provide termination or withdrawal dates. Without MPN termination dates, it impossible for a provider to determine when the insurer or employer ceased using a particular MPN.

Our MPN list offers some much-needed clarity by allowing you to search every approved Medical Provider Network by name, or by the name of the employer or insurer. The MPN list provides approval dates, status updates, and MPN websites whenever the DWC includes the website.

Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest changes since the last DWC update:

  • New “Active” MPNs added to the list - 22
  • MPNs with changed status - 247
  • Newly “Terminated” - 237
  • MPNs switched from “Approved” to “Withdrawn” - 6
  • Switched from “Verify” to “Approved” - 4
  • MPN updated websites - 42
  • One entity – CompWest Select MPN – changed in status from “Insurer” to “Entity Providing Physician Network Services.”

The Work Comp Wizard MPN List means you’ll never have to manually track these kinds of changes again. Consider it one more way in which DaisyBill makes work comp simple.


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