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Farmers Insurance Switches Bill Review

Farmers Insurance Switches Bill Review

Effective October 14, Farmers Insurance switched bill review services, from CorVel to Mitchell.

This change affects bills for all dates of service. Claim numbers remain the same.

The change in bill review also comes with a change in clearinghouse. Bills submitted via the Payer ID for Farmer’s former clearinghouse, CorVel, will result in rejections.

As always, DaisyBill’s Billing Software is updated to reflect the latest changes.

New Bill Review

The switch in bill review service does not affect the mailing address that providers and their billing agents should use to submit bills and appeals.

For non-electronic billing, providers should submit to:

Farmers Insurance
PO Box 108843
Oklahoma City, OK 73101

Providers must continue to submit second review appeals to Farmers Insurance first.

For electronic billing, providers formerly submitted bills to Farmers using a CorVel-specific Payer ID number. Currently, Farmer’s clearinghouse is WorkComp EDI, and the Payer ID number is updated to WCEDI-specific Payer ID WC163.

Providers may direct any questions to Farmers Insurance at 866-967-5256.

DaisyBill never misses a beat. Changes to TPAs, clearinghouses, and bill review services are just one part of what DaisyBill navigates on behalf of our providers. If you’re ready to make billing and appeals easier, faster, better, schedule a free demonstration today.


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