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PR-2 Report Made Easier: Fillable and Downloadable PR-2 Report Form

Last month, we highlighted the importance of the Treating Physician’s Progress Report, which providers must use to document services rendered. This crucial bit of paperwork, on Form PR-2 (or the narrative equivalent thereof), is not only separately billable. It substantiates every charge on a given bill, helping ensure correct reimbursement.

Since then, we’ve gotten several requests for a downloadable, fillable PR-2 form for providers to use. Well, you ask — we deliver!

Simply click the image to download, or click here.

Primary treating physicians should issue a PR-2 report at least every 45 days, or more frequently depending on the patient’s condition. Be sure to list every billable service, including incidentals, to justify every billing code and modifier on your original bill.


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