Texas DWC Webinar Informs, Educates Providers

Texas DWC Webinar Informs, Educates Providers

It might be the Lone Star state, but the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation (TXDWC) gets a gold star for supporting, guiding, and informing providers.

Yesterday, daisyBill attended Day One of the TXDWC’s “Health Care Provider Boot Camp,” an eight-session series of live webinars designed to educate providers on the most important aspects of workers’ comp treatment and billing.

The TXDWC presented an informative, engaging session, and provided registrants with several helpful take-home resources.

Workers’ comp in every state is complex and challenging to navigate. The TXDWC has recognized this — and the necessity of its role in supporting providers. If only every state’s workers’ comp regulatory authorities (looking at you, California DWC) took the same approach.

Provider Resources for Texas Workers’ Comp

Before the first of these eight “Boot Camp” webinars, registrants received an email with several helpful attachments.

The email included an interactive, clickable “road map” of online resources offered by the TXDWC, including links to necessary forms, regulations and state guidelines, FAQs, previous webinars, and more (sample page shown below).

Host Amy Rich referred attendees to the roadmap and the TXDWC’s alphabetized-by-topic resource website throughout the webinar.

Additionally, registrants got a printable copy of the webinar slideshow, with space for attendees to take notes on each slide.

Finally, the pre-webinar email included access to a video outlining the basics of Texas workers’ comp, which can be viewed on YouTube.

The webinar covered important fundamental topics, including:

  • Key workers’ comp regulations
  • Workers’ comp coverage structures
  • Reimbursement structures and rates
  • Texas’ workers’ comp provider network system
  • Claim filing procedures

Providers were invited to quarterly online sessions with the TXDWC to discuss workers' comp issues. This wealth of valuable information was followed by a Q&A session, where providers got clarity directly from the TXDWC on various workers’ comp billing issues.

While this webinar series is not being recorded, the TXDWC plans to record the next round of “Boot Camp” webinars beginning in August 2024. Providers may register for the remaining “Boot Camp” webinars in the current series on the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) website.

Kudos to the TXDWC for offering these webinars. By being proactive about informing providers, the TXDWC makes everyone’s jobs easier, from providers to claims administrators, vendors, and more.

As fun as it would be to produce webinars and resources to empower Texas providers as daisyBill does for California providers, we don’t have to! The TXDWC has it covered — and the state’s injured workers are better off for it.

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