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Broadspire Knows No Law But Its Own

Apr 2, 2021

Broadspire continues to break the rules, seemingly confident that California regulators will not hold the claims administrator to account. For months, we reported on B...

Telehealth: Video vs Audio Explained for California Workers' Comp

Apr 2, 2020

In our most recent webinar, California Workers’ Comp Telehealth Made Easy, we reviewed the Medicare and California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) rules for providing...

SB 537: Say NO to Medicare Reimbursements

May 2, 2019

A proposed California bill, though seemingly benign, may establish Medicare rates as a standard for workers’ comp reimbursements, which would be a mistake. The bill, w...

Filter and Search CA MTUS Drug Formulary With New Tool

Apr 23, 2018

California’s new drug formulary isn’t exactly user-friendly. For that reason, we developed a new tool to make authorization for pharmaceuticals much, much easier. The ...

Audit Complaints Show Workers’ Comp Providers Face Uphill Battle

Apr 19, 2018

In California, workers’ compensation providers face a labyrinth of billing and payment rules, and these providers struggle with an enforcement structure that favors employers...

DIR Director Baker Makes Surprise Retirement Announcement

Apr 10, 2018

Christine Baker, Director of California’s Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), unexpectedly announced her retirement on Friday, March 30. With no immediately apparent re...

Location-Based Reimbursement in CA? DWC Plans Hearing on OMFS Changes

Mar 30, 2018

California workers’ comp providers may soon face another layer of complexity in calculating reimbursements: Geographic Practice Cost Indices (GPCI), which would raise or lowe...

“Secret Settlements” Demonstrate Double Standard for IMR Rules

Mar 29, 2018

Since the introduction of Independent Medical Review (IMR), claims administrators working on behalf of employers and insurers haven’t always played fair. In seeking to uphold...

DWC’s Proposed Denial of Claims Notice Lacks Clarity

Oct 27, 2017

When an employer denies an employee’s workers’ comp claim, California law mandates that the employer must inform the employee of their right to seek medical treatment outside...

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