Short "Webinette" (Plus Q&A): How to Transmit Workers' Comp e-Bills

Short "Webinette" (Plus Q&A): How to Transmit Workers' Comp e-Bills

If you’re paying to send workers’ comp bills electronically…are you actually getting what you’re paying for?

Too often, clearinghouses and software vendors simply print and mail a large percentage of workers’ comp “e-bills.”

That means the doctor isn’t really paying for electronic billing — in effect, they’re just overpaying for postage (and guaranteeing endless duplicate bill chaos).

Learn how e-bills actually make it to the payer with our 15-minute “webinette” (like a webinar, but shorter and presumably cuter) followed by Q&A, available to watch now in our webinar library.

In record time, we’ll show you exactly how workers’ comp e-bills should be routed to guarantee the fastest delivery and payment. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to stop the payment chaos.

Workers’ Comp e-Billing 101

The number one concern holding practices back from adopting e-billing for workers’ comp is fear that e-bills won’t get where they are supposed to go for payment.

Depending on how you deliver your e-bills, that’s a (verifiably) reasonable fear.

Billing and payment work very differently for workers’ comp than for Medicare or private group health insurance. Because of this, the actual journey of a workers’ comp e-bill doesn’t look like that of its Medicare or group health counterparts.

To reach its ultimate destination, an e-bill for the treatment of an injured worker must take a very specific route — and the route is different depending on the claims administrator and third-party vendors the claims administrator hired to accept and process your e-bills.

It gets complicated. It gets messy. And a shocking amount of e-bills are misrouted, rerouted, and ultimately dropped to paper form — negating the whole reason you paid for e-billing.

daisyBill understands workers’ comp e-bill transmission better than most — and you can too, in just 15 minutes.

daisyBill makes workers’ comp billing easier, faster, and less costly. Request a free demonstration below.


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