Free: CA Med-Legal "Superbills"

Free: CA Med-Legal "Superbills"

Medical-Legal billing for California workers’ comp is fraught with complications, contradictions, and — of course — threats to physician revenue from less-than-scrupulous entities. daisyBill is here to help.

Below, we share a powerful free resource, previously available only to daisyCollect clients: our Medical-Legal “Superbills.”

We provide Superbills for each type of Medical-Legal evaluation, plus missed appointments and testimony. Think of each Superbill as both:

  1. A comprehensive checklist to help ensure your bills are compliant with the requirements of the current Medical-Legal Fee Schedule (MLFS), and
  2. An organized way to share with billers all the information necessary to include on bills for different types of Medical-Legal services

During new client onboarding, daisyCollect asks all our Medical-Legal evaluator clients to utilize the Superbills below. Inevitably, these evaluator clients thank us for introducing them to this organized, efficient way of managing the information necessary to bill properly for each MLFS code.

To download each Superbill, simply click the appropriate link below:

Superbill: ML200 - Missed Appointment

Superbill: ML201 - Comprehensive Medical-Legal Evaluation

Superbill: ML202 - Follow-up Medical-Legal Evaluation

Superbill: ML203 - Supplemental Medical-Legal Evaluation

Superbill: ML204 - Medical-Legal Testimony

Each Superbill covers all the information billing staff needs to submit a complete Medical-Legal bill, including modifier requirements, documentation, declarations, attestations, and more.

For example, below is the Superbill for ML201: Comprehensive Medical-Legal Evaluation.

For more details on the MLFS, refer to our Medical-Legal Billing Cheat Sheet, as well as our MLFS Pocket Guide. Or, if you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly at 

Disclaimer: the information in this post and linked PDFs is strictly for informational purposes. It is not legal advice; use at your own risk and discretion.

Make workers’ comp a better investment. From fee schedule calculators to billing software to complete managed billing, DaisyBill has your back. Contact us to learn more.


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