6 Minute How-To: Completing a CMS 1500 for California Workers’ Comp

DaisyBill is all about making workers’ comp billing easier and more understandable. To that end, we launched a new video series aimed at mastering the ins and outs of this confusing billing process.

Each free six-minute (or less!) video is designed to turbocharge your billing.

We start the series with a quick yet thorough guide to the CMS 1500 for California.

Learn how to fill out this essential form and how to avoid the most common mistakes for workers’ comp bills. Six minutes later, you know whether your CMS 1500 is compliant!

Stay tuned for future releases in our “Six Minutes to Win It” video series, where we will cover topics pertaining to California, New York, and other states. We guarantee that our videos will not break the internet. And, if they go viral, we won’t let it go to our head.

Watch below or click the link here.